Madness of Two

Madness of Two is a psychological drama based on the true life telling of Dr. Ben Joseph and delves into the aftermath of his experience as a forensic scientist working for the Ministry of the Interior in Adliya, Bahrain during the fateful crash of Gulf Air Flight 072.


On August 23, 2000, Gulf Air Flight 072 crashed into the shallow waters of the Persian Gulf, killing all 143 crew and passengers on board. It remains one of the deadliest aviation accidents in Bahraini territory. In Bahrain, where religion and death are intertwined, a forensic scientist works around an impossible clock. As is Muslim tradition, their task: to unite the bodies (some only parts) of 143 victims with loved ones within days of the deadly crash. In the rush for closure, decisions are made to present families something– anything, even when the victim’s identity is still in question. In the weeks that follow, Dr. Ben Joseph is plagued by the restless ghosts of the victims and the realization that the choices he and his team made, however humane, can never be undone.

Canada – Potential Co-Production – TBD

English Language

Writer: Canadian Screen Writer - TBD

Status: Life Rights Optioned