A Lesser Known Heir

A Lesser Known Heir

Based on the true story of Laurine McDonald, the wife of Daniel Dodge, heir to the Dodge family fortune of automobile fame, is a tragic love story, set during the depths of the Great Depression, on the little known island of Manitoulin in the middle of Lake Huron.

Daniel, a rich young American, heir to millions, daredevil and adventurer, falls in love with the young telephone operator Laurine and the lake island in Northern Ontario where she lives. Despite the lack of support from both of their families, their young love flourishes until tragedy strikes, and Daniel, wounded from an explosion, drowns when thrown from the boat that was carrying him to safety. Now, Laurine, a widow after only 13 days of marriage must fight her husband’s family for what is rightfully hers.


English Language

Writers: Deborah and John Hawke

Status: First Draft (early stages)