Coconut Hero

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August 2014 – September 2014

Feature Film: Abandoned by his father at an early age and the butt of abuse at his school in a sleepy logging town, 16 year old MIKE TYSON (a name that's just one of his many problems) is determined to exit this weary world. His various suicide attempts have met with failure, but when Mike learns that he's got a potentially fatal brain tumor that requires immediate surgery, he considers it an answer to his prayers. He keeps his condition a secret, hoping that the adults in his life -- including his overbearing mother CYNTHIA and his long-absent father Frank-- will butt out and let nature take its course. But when MIRANDA, a newcomer to town, befriends Mike he experiences both romance and tragedy, and he realizes that his life, however problematic, may be worth living after all…

Filmed in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario